Caroline Kilkenny

From a history of dressing and designing for the Royal family of Qatar and collaborating with her sister Nicola of the N&C Kilkenny label for nearly ten years; Caroline's new collection is a refreshing and inspired look which presents us with a gentle sophistication that is seductive yet wearable.

Caroline's natural element is in the design room, working with her team, creating special pieces. Caroline works with live models making it possible to fully visualise the silhouette, making for a perfectly draped and fluid garment.

Caroline Kilkenny offers an accessible luxury with a cut that compliments the female form. Rich fabric combinations with a hint of playfulness permeate the collection as does delicate hand finished details.

Carefully tailored coats and jackets lend a structured element and intertwine effortlessly in a collection were the feminine silhouette is celebrated. Beautiful wovens and jacquards from Italian mills are accentuated in structured dresses by the simplified elegance of Caroline's designs.

The Kilkenny sisters have always believed that clothes should be lovingly created and beautiful to own and wear. Their dream was always to provide women with a combination of relaxed elegance and understated luxury.


Photos and description courtesy of Caroline Kilkenny. All rights reserved by the copyright holder.

Collection Spotlight

 AW 17 

(Photo:) Dee Dress(Photo:) Bella Black Dress(Photo:) Jolie Top & Jiggy Skirt (Photo:) Aleysa Mulberry Dress(Photo:) Dolly Azure Top & Sabi Black Skirt (Photo:) Cami Crimson Dress(Photo:) Angelina Velvet Azure Dress(Photo:) Calli Stone Velvet Dress(Photo:) Jen Dress & Allie Bolero (Photo:) Jolie Black Top & Sabi Abstract Skirt (Photo:) Cami Abstract Dress(Photo:) Nicole Dress(Photo:) Taylor Top & Ava Skirt(Photo:) :Millie Rose Dress(Photo:) Joey Blush Dress(Photo:) Jen Cream Dress(Photo:) Elle Dress(Photo:) Jo Dress(Photo:) Gizelle Dress(Photo:) Dalia Dress(Photo:) Helle Black Wool Coat(Photo:) Bergman Jacket & David Trouser(Photo:) Bergman Jacket & Davis Trouser(Photo:) Bergman Jacket, Jolie Top & Jiggy Skirt (Photo:) Penny Coat(Photo:) Jen Dress & Helle Winter White Coat

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